our mission

At Wicker Park Early Childhood Center, we passionately believe that learning should be an adventure that begins at birth. Our mission is to offer a vibrant and innovative learning community committed to child-focused exploration, creativity and collaboration.

Our Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense programs strive to offer the best quality, imagination, and variety in everything we do. Baby Sensory founder, Dr. Lin Day PhD created a program that nurtures children's core brain development, helping them fully benefit from all future education. 


We offer the perfect learning environment for children between 0-5 years old. No matter which class you choose, you’ll always find a welcoming environment, a professional class leader, activities that stimulate and help the development of children, carefully prepared equipment, a comfortable routine and an interesting and themed lesson!

Our sessions run smoothly and are highly interactive. We put a lot of love, passion and imagination into every thing we do – so that you can spend quality time with your children.

Classes are between 45-60 minutes long and babies, children and parents join on a weekly basis.


All our programs have been developed in the UK by Dr. Lin Day, our founder. Dr. Day is a renowned expert and published author within the fields of sensory and childhood development.

“When I began my classes in 2003, I wanted to make a difference. After 30 years working in childcare and education, I had so much to share with parents, I felt I could be a real help. Since then I’ve spent pretty much every waking hour developing, adjusting, improving and amending our programs – driven by the passion and commitment to offer the best service possible. And I hope that each session shows my dedication and depth of preparation” 

-Dr Lin Day, Baby Sensory founder

Owner / Director - Lizzy Marks

Hi everyone! After completing my degree in Elementary Education at DePaul University, I taught all age groups from Kindergarten through fifth grade. For the past three years I have taught preschool, where I discovered my passion for Early Childhood Education.  I have gained a unique perspective and been given a gratifying gift by seeing children in all different stages of their developmental journey. I am constantly in awe of children and amazed by their passion and wonder for the world. Children have unlimited potential. It is my job to challenge them, so they can take their education to the next level. Learning is a partnership between children, their parents, and their teacher. I look forward to being part of the team that prepares your child for a successful life.


What are people saying about Wicker Park Early Childhood Center?

I have been taking my daughter to the Baby Sensory class with Lizzy since she was 2 months old. It is by far our favorite baby class we have found in the city! It is a comfortable & inviting space and Lizzy always makes you feel welcome (some classes you walk into you feel like you are getting judged, it is quiet, uncomfortable, etc. - total opposite here!) Parking in the area is easy and the space Lizzy has created is extremely clean. I know she spends hours wiping down the toys & play space before & after each class! She has a great variety of toys & different things for the babies to play with.

The baby sensory classes are different each week. They are engaging, stimulating, & super fun for my daughter (and me!). My daughter lights up every time she sees Lizzy - she loves her! She is so great with babies & truly loves what she does! I have also met some great friends through going to this class. Now that my daughter is over 1 year old, I am looking forward to taking her to the Toddler Sense class she also offers. We are a big fan of the open play offered during the afternoons as well! I couldn’t recommend this class or Lizzy more - check it out!
— Kendall M.
Amazing Baby Sensory Classes!! My 6 month old daughter LOVES this place! Lizzy is an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond to interact with all of the babies and makes sure each baby and parent feels special in a group setting. So many great sensory experiences including lights, sign language, music, puppets, bubbles and a large array of infant toys that always keeps my baby girl’s full attention! My lil lady and I have fallen in love with Lizzy, the environment and all of her classes!! This is a wonderful program that I would recommend to all parents with babies!
— Katie F.
These classes are amazing! Lizzy is the absolute sweetest- it takes a special person to teach an infant class and she really is that person! She is bubbly and loving but also so prepared for all the activities. She incorporates sign language into the songs, and gives you tips and ideas for working with your baby.

Classes are a mix of structured activities and free play. This is not only great for baby, but as a mom it gives you a chance to chat and socialize with other moms. This is unique because most classes you leave realizing you didn’t even speak to another adult (I mean you need interaction too, right!?)
— Brigid C.
We love the Baby Sensory class at Wicker Park Early Childhood Center! We have taken our baby boy whenever we have gotten the chance since he was just about 2 months old. Lizzy is so great and she is just the cutest with all the babies. Each class is unique and it’s always a fun surprise to see what activities and songs are planned for the class. All activities have a purpose and are aimed to develop the babies in some way. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun baby class!
— Jennifer D.
When I was looking for classes for my daughter, I sought an engaging and knowledgeable teacher in an environment that is warm and inviting. Lizzy and the Wicker Park Early Childhood Center met all of my criteria and more! My daughter loves Lizzy and Baby Sensory because she gets to engage all her senses in a fun atmosphere. I love it because I know we are fostering her cognitive and emotional health. Lizzy’s enthusiasm is infectious, allowing her to both connect with the babies and help parents to feel at ease. Lizzy has brought such a wonderful resource to our community!
— Andrea L.
Baby sensory classes is a great way to connect to your baby. The class offers a variety of activities to stimulate babies and make them smile. I love it because it helps me give my baby undivided attention, and to learn how to better play with her. My toddler son enjoys going to. He particularly loves the equipment in the room. Lizzy is a great facilitator. She truly understands kids and knows how to engage with them!
— Hadar M.
My little seven month old girl absolutely loves Lizzy and her class. We’ve been going for the past four months and my girl always has a good nap afterwards. It’s interactive, fun, and something that I always look forward to going to. Lizzy absolutely makes the class what it is and is such a light to be around.
— Lisa L.
My son absolutely loves spending time here with Lizzy! I feel like the activities really have encouraged my son’s development and we have modified and adapted most of them for home!
— Desiree H.
Lizzy is amazing and my daughter always has a great time at Baby Sensory!
— Matea B.
We were lucky enough to have Lizzy teach our daughter’s three year old class. Her smile, laughter and enthusiasm captivated the children and provided an ideal environment for both social-emotional growth and academic learning.
— Sam and Stephen S.
Lizzy has taught me though her love, compassion, patience, and dedication to our daughter that you can achieve the results one would want to see in their children. Lizzy is committed to her students and flourishes in the field of child development.
— Sally A.
Lizzy’s communication with us, as the parents, gave us security to know the children were thriving and she was constantly reflecting on their development to further challenge and allow our children to succeed.
— Cory T.
Our children adore Lizzy, and it is remarkable to watch them learn and grow while having a tremendous amount of creative fun. Her innate talent is evident in her positive nature and an ability to naturally connect.
— John and Megan G.
My son still talks about Lizzy two years later! She is extremely creative, hardworking, and dedicated to the children. It is obvious she truly loves what she does.
— Marci P.