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This is where learning begins!

Baby Sensory offers weekly classes for babies, accompanied by parents (or caregivers). The program, designed over 10 years ago in the UK, introduces activities that stimulate baby’s learning and development, while enabling parents (or caregivers) to strengthen their parenting skills.

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11:45 AM - 12:45 PM


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For our amazing babies

“Babies learn at an amazing pace in the first year of life. Babies have twice as many brain cells as adults and can learn twice as much as a student. The connections made between brain cells will double the volume of the baby’s brain by the end of the first year. The experiences during this first year set the foundations for all future learning and are critical for the socio-emotional development.”  Dr Lin Day, founder Baby Sensory

This is why Baby Sensory classes have been specifically designed for babies from birth until 13 months of age. Our youngest baby starting Baby Sensory was just 6 days old!

Each class is one hour long, and there are over 50 different weekly sessions.

Based on Scientific Research

What makes Baby Sensory truly unique is that every activity is designed with the baby’s development in mind, based on years of educational and scientific research.

Baby Sensory offers a complete approach to learning for babies, addressing all areas of development that are important in the first year of life: language and communication, motor skills, socio-emotional and sensory development. 

  • the language and communication development, through activities such as action rhymes and baby signing;
  • the motor skills development, for example through activities that include tummy time, massage, patting and clapping, building or shape sorting;
  • the socio-emotional development, either through one-on-one activities between parent and baby (such as reading a book) or through group activities (such as a ball game or a parachute game, or a puppet show)
  • sensory development, through visual shows, playing with different smells, textures, and so on.

Everything we do stimulates the baby’s development, and sharing our knowledge with parents is a key part of the program. The structure of the class, all activities and equipment are constantly tested, improved and updated to reflect latest research.

Unique, Fun and Magical Experience

“Where else can you experience going under the ocean, through a jungle, rocket off to space or join a baby orchestra – all in a single term?!”

At Baby Sensory, we enable parents (or caregivers) to spend quality time with the baby, while learning how to best stimulate the baby’s development at home!

To make learning fun, we introduce a different themed session each week.Read more

Baby Sensory offers a unique, fun and magical learning experience for both babies and parents (or adult caregivers). A magical learning experience filled with light shows, music, glowing bouncy balls, bubbles, bells, songs, rainbows, puppets, and tickly feathers.

what happens at a Baby sensory CLASS???

Baby’s Comfort through Routine

Each session is different but the classes are based on the same structure, following the natural play-rest-play cycle of babies.

The routine avoids over or under-stimulation and introduces predictability, so babies feel comfortable and secure during the classes.

Sensory Stimulation and Exploratory Play

The Baby Sensory classes start with our signature song: “Say Hello to the Sun”, which introduces simple sign language, words and images. Afterwards, babies join various group or one-on-one activities with parents (caregivers), which don’t last more than 3 minutes each - just right for the average concentration ability of babies.

The exploratory play, second phase, provides the opportunity for parents and babies to socialize. 
Babies explore the play area, which has a range of equipment specifically selected to stimulate baby's senses and help with their development. The happy social play sets the tone for the acquisition of further skills such as cooperation, turn-taking, and sharing.

After playtime, we have further sensory experiences for babies, followed by the “Wave Goodbye” song, which helps babies wind-down and brings closure to the session. Since there is a meaning in everything we do, our signature “Wave Goodbye” song includes the sound “Shh-Shh-Shh”, which settles babies because it reminds them of the noise made by blood rushing through the placenta.